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Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE) is one of the biggest K-Wave expos in overseas countries, as well as the place of industrial and cultural exchange to show the K-Wave culture such as K-Star, K-Pop, and drama and the latest life style of Korea including the fashion, beauty, household items, food, and franchise.

With a business meeting plaza, exhibition, events and performances with K-Stars, and other programs, we will lead the friendship through business exchange and culture of both countries.

KBEE with

Enjoy special K-Pop performance, signing event, press conference, and fashion-beauty talk show of Asian Rookie with K-Stars.

Opportunity for
Creative and Converged
Industries to Enter
Overseas Markets

This is a place of cooperative partnership with specialized small and medium businesses converging global buyers of excellence with K-Culture, fashion & beauty, household items, food, medical tourism, and service.

Economical Exchange

We will lead cooperation of future young generations of Korea and other countries through cultural and economic exchange.