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Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo(KBEE) is the largest-scale comprehensive Hallyu(Korean Wave) exposition held overseas.
It is the place where business and cultural exchanges take place,
together with Hallyu celebrities and Korean culture such as K-POP, K-dramas, fashion, beauty and etc..
With business consulting sessions, exhibition, diverse events and performances,
KBEE contributes to the establishment of bilateral friendship between Korean and the host country.

KBEE with
Hallyu Celebrities

Holding diverse events with Korean stars including K-POP special performance, fan signing event, press conference and fashion & beauty talk show.

Overseas Business

Arranging partnership between superior buyers around the world and small and medium-sized enterprises to converge manufacturing and service industry with Korean culture.

and Economic exchange

Helping the member of future young generation in Korea and abroad countries to cooperate through cultural and economic exchanges.