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Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo (KBEE) is the world’s largest Hallyu Expo dedicated to contributing to the expansion of business and cultural exchanges between South Korea and various countries. It is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Repulic of Korea, and organized by Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA).

The event targets both overseas business and consumers to promote K-wave and Korea products through the synergy effect developed by the cultural industry. Utilizing the brand power of Hallyu, it will be used to develop fresh export opportunities and expand the base of “business Hallyu”. The main attendees include domestic and foreign companies, as well as several other popular Korean artists. The Korean companies will have chances to have one-onone business consultations with promising European buyers and investors. KBEE will be combined with various complimentary subsidiary events featuring expositions and programs in addition to events successful in previous expos.

This government-level K-Wave exposition is a three-day annual international Hallyu festival for all the people in the globe who love Korean culture. Starting in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010, the expo has been held in Paris, France, in 2011, in Osaka, Japan, in 2012, in London, in 2013, in Sao Paulo, in 2014, in Shanghai, in 2015, in Shenyang and Chongqing, in 2016, in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, in 2017 and culminating in Ho Chi Minh between 8 to 10th of November, 2017. In addition to business meetings, it will also be combined with various complimentary subsidiary events featuring expositions and programs such as K-Pop Performances, art exposition, VR Experience, Korean Artists’ Fan signing event, and so on. Therefore, KBEE will be carried out as part of the cultural exchange between the two countries with its meaning being more significant than a simple business exposition.

KPOP Star Various Korean cultural events with Song Ji Hyo and Super Junior D&E, such as K-Pop concert, fan signing events, CSR event and Asia Rookie's Beauty Show are organized for visitors
Korean Merchandise
and Experience
There will be different exhibition themes such as Korean beauty, life, fashion and franchise. Moreover, visitors will have the chance to experience original Korean culture and products at KBEE 2017, for example, Korean food tasting and Korean makeup demonstration by professional artist.
Business Collaboration 100 Korean enterprises and 300 local buyers will gather at KBEE 2017 Hochiminh City. There will be business matching sessions between local companies and Korean companies, during which they will seek new opportunities for future business partnerships.